1. About NFF
  2. Our aims

The aims of Norwegian Association of movers are:

  • To work for the interests of the removal trade and seek to better its reputation.
  • To develop the trade’s legal commercial business area in Norway.
  • To build a relationship of trust between public authorities and the professionals of the removal trade.
  • To work for unity, strength, and healthy work conditions in the removal trade.
  • To serve public interest by using efficient and resource saving transportation.
  • To help our members establish sound transportation routines and sustain a transportation system that fulfils the needs of our customers and society, and therefore create good and lasting relations between users of transportation and the trade.
  • To strive for the establishment of laws, regulations, and prices that ensure good and commercially viable working conditions in the removal trade.
  • To serve our members best economical, professional, and social interests.
  • To improve the professional, economical, and technical qualifications in the removal trade.
  • To support our members by giving advice and information on professional matters.