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Moving abroad

When using NFF you get access to services world wide, with the same demands on quality and safety as you would in Norway. We offer services as freight by sea, air and road to all corners of the world.

Our membership in the International Association of movers (IAM) we access an association of agents worldwide at our disposal. This also means access to a network of other contacts amongst our members that is ready to serve your every need to ensure a safe and pleasant relocationprocess.

Passport, visa and permits

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least three months longer than you plan to stay abroad. There must be enough space for new stampt/recident permits. Some countries require an electronic passport if you are going to work there. Kids needs their own passport. If you need a new passport, make sure you apply in time.
  • Do you need a visa, work or recident permit, or arrange other official matters? Recieving institution, and the countries embassy in Norway (regjeringen.no) will provide the information you need. A hot tips to get you started is the Foreign Ministry (landsider.no). If you are moving to an European country you can find usefull information in their EURAXESS-page (ec.portal.eu). Remember that it can be required with translations, doctors excamination, health certificate, vaccinations or other papers.


  • Contact your local tax office to clarify how your stay abroad will affect your tax.
  • Norway has tax treaties (regjeringen.no) with a lot of countries to avoid double taxation.
  • Make sure your local tax office is informed regarding with the dates of your departure and return.
  • Your employer will collect information regarding your taxation monthly, and will therefor automaticly get correct information when you go abroad.
  • If you sublet your recidence in Norway you have to pay tax on any contributions to housing expences abroad.

Notice of moving

  • Folkeregisteret needs a notice of moving from Norway (skatteetaten.no) if you are gonna stay abroad at least six months and no one from your family will stay in your recidence.


  • If you keep on using your salary account in Norway you should consider to acquire an international credit card. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a private credit card through UiO's agreement with Eurocard, or contact your local bank.
  • If you want payments from UiO transfered to an abroad account, for example salary during a research stay, please fill out the form for account details and send it to Salary Group in Section salary.
  • Consider giving someone authorization to transfer within your account, your safety box etc.

Drivers license

  • If you are gonna drive a car abroad you need to check whether your norwegian drivers license is valid, or if you need an international license (vegvesen.no).

Insurance and pension

  • Healt insurance, pension contributions in national insurance, insurance in the state pension and benefit schemes for parents is linked to membership in the National Insurance Scheme. Before you travel, you should therefore check whether your membership in Folketryden will apply during the stay abroad or not. If not, then you can apply for voluntary membership.
  • It might be relevant to bring forms from NAV abroad.
  • If you retain membership in Folketrygden during your stay abroad, you will earn pension also whilst abroad. If you are not a member of Frolketrygden during stays abroad you earn no insurance or pension. This could have consequences in connection with an application for retirement, disability and survivor pensions. Check if you get pension in the country you are traveling to and look at opportunities for private savings.
  • Read up on work and stay abroad (nav.no), Health Rights abroad (helfo.no) and Social security and health insurance (euraxess.no).
  • For further clarification you should contact NAV International (nav.no).

 Change of Adress

  • Make sure you inform your private, official and business-related contacts of your adress abroad, and for what period of time you will stay. This can be UiO, your local tax office, NAV, the army, your bank, insurance company or condominium.
  • Remember to cancel subscriptions you do not need whilst abroad, for example phone, electricity, newspapers and magazines, memberships in associations and organizations.


  • Posten offers a service for temporary redirection of mail (posten.no). Redirectiong abroad can take a lot of time, and is not free of charge. Consider if there is a friend or familymember you could redirect your mail to, and then this person can send important mail to you directly.

Household goods

  • If you abandon your norwegian recidence you need to concider which assets you should bring, and which ones to put in storage. Check if your employer covers expences for moving, storage etc, and on what terms. 
  • Gather information on time of transportation for your household goods, and if there are some restrictions on import/export (toll.no).
  • It is always recommended to sign up for an insurance for your goods in storage.