1. About moving
  2. Before moving

Before moving

Here is our list of tips for you that is about to move. Regardless of whether you hire movers, or if you plan on doing it by yourself, there are some things you should consider before you start the process.


  • Set the movingdate, contact movers for obligation quote.
  • Are you gonna have photos taken or have an open house? Maybe you need to move some of your furniture and household goods until you move? Ensure safe storage for your belongings.
  • Are you gonna pack some, or all, of your household goods yourself? Contact your movers in time if you want to order package material.
  • If you have pets, how are they to be transported?
  • Where shall the movingtruck park? Do you need to reserve/book a parkingplace for it?
  • Notify Skatteetaten/Folkeregisteret, Posten, and others (your bank, Lånekassen, insurance etc.) of your moving.
  • Notify old and new school/kindergarten.
  • Redirect papers and magazines.
  • Moving municipality? Change your primary physician.
  • Are all of your keys accounted for? Also copies?
  • Do you have any belongings in storage, drycleaning or repair?