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Select movers

There are several good, long-term and serious movers. Unfortunately there are some that only want to make quick cash, and these can make a lot of trouble for you as a customer. Before you choose your movers, make sure to do a backgroundcheck.

You can do a backgroundcheck in many ways:

  • Make sure the company is registered in Brønnøysundregisteret.
  • Check financiall records, proff.no.
  • Is the company member of a trade association? Not all serious companies are, but most of them belongs in: Norsk Flytteforbund or Logistikk- og transportindustriens landsforening.

If you get an offer from someone that is absent in one, or more, of the above you should pay extra attention! When choosing you mover you should feel sure that your belongings will be treated well, and you should experience an open dialogue with your mover, so that you can maintain communication throughout the process. In a relocationprocess there is a lot of things that needs to add up, which calls for communication and trust. By choosing a long-term company you can be more assured of a problem and carefree process.


"These are the tips from the Norwegian Consumer Counsil when hiring movers:

  • Contact several movers to get a price for the job.
  • Do not accept the quotes from anyone other than the ones you obtained prices from.
  • If the job is straight forward, ask for a fixed price.
  • Do not accept big payments in advance.
  • Define scope, value and nature when obtaining prices.
  • Clarify whether you want to do your own packing, and ask for prices on packaging materiall from your mover (in most cases cheaper than in the stores)
  • Ask for an insurance certificate from the movers, this way you can verify coverage and deductible.
  • Check what your home insurance covers, use this information to decide the value of your belongings, and to avoid double coverage.
  • Sign an extra insurance for particulary valuable, or fragile, items (25.000 NOK is the standard for whats valuable).
  • Inform your movers about damages or defects as soon as possible, remember the deadline of three weeks.